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Building Bridges / Construindo Pontes

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It is said that, once, two brothers who lived in nearby farms, separated only by a creek, came into conflict.

It was the first major disagreement on a whole life working side by side, sharing the tools and taking care of each other.

For years they traveled a narrow road that followed along the river to the end of each day, can pass through and enjoy the company of one another. Despite the fatigue, were walking with pleasure, as they loved each other.

But now everything has changed. What started with a small misunderstanding finally exploded in an exchange of harsh words, followed by weeks of total silence.
In morning, the older brother heard somebody beat your door. When he opened it noticed a man with a box of carpenter tools in hand.

I'm looking for work, he said. You may have a small service that I can run.

Yes! - Said the farmer - of course I have a job for you. See that farm beyond creek. It is my neighbor. In fact, my young brother. We fight more and I can not bear it.

- See that pile of wood near the barn? I want you to build a high fence along the river so I do not need see anymore.

I think I understand the situation - said the carpenter. Show me where the nails and the tools are and I will leave you satisfied.

How the older brother needs to go to the city, he helped the carpenter to find the material and left.

The man worked hard during all that day measuring, cutting and preaching. Already was nightfall when finished his work.

The farmer came from his trip and his eyes could not believe what they saw. There was no fence!

Instead of the fence there was a bridge which linked the two shores of the creek.

It was a beautiful work, but the farmer was hungry and said: you were very bold building this bridge after all I told you.

However, the surprises were not finished.

When looking back to the bridge, he saw his brother approaching from the other side, running with open arms.

Remained immobile for a moment of your side of the river. But suddenly, a single impulse, he ran toward the other and hugged his brother crying in the middle of the bridge.

The carpenter who was building with his box of tools started to leave when the brother asked him excited: "Wait! Stay with us a few more days."

And the carpenter replied: "I love being, but unfortunately, I have many more bridges to build."

And you, you need a carpenter, or is able to build your own bridge to get closer with those who broke contact with you?

Think about it and get the peace of God (John 14:27)

Créditos pela tradução do texto: Marcos André Samuel.

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