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Be Used X Be Approved / Ser Usado X Ser Aprovado

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I will not only be used by God. I want to be approved! You may be alarmed with this statement. Continue reading and let me explain it better.

There is a difference between being used by God and be approved by God. It is a difference so big that must be scary. Matthew 7:21-23 shows us a scene where Jesus is a dialogue with people who were used to perform miracles and wonders in the name of Jesus. Carefully read every word, even if you already know the text. Remember that the information it contains is the treasure hidden in this passage so is little preached.

"Not everyone who tells me: Lord, Lord! Enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say me that day: Lord, Lord, we not prophesied in thy name? And in thy name are expelled demons? And in thy name we have not done many wonders? And then they shall openly: you never know me; get away from me, you engaged in wrongdoing. "

Maybe your first reaction is: "Oh, I know this text" (this is the mistake of many Christians these days). But Jesus, speaking to the disciples, said that this scene happens. And the scarier: Jesus did not speak that some will tell you this. He said that many, that day, about your question you made, using as argument the fact of having been used by God.

And what this has to do with musicians, singers, visual artists, dancers, among others, that use forms of art to worship God? Sometimes you are ministering to the heart of God, whether playing, singing or any other way, already cited. And you can see the act of God. You can feel the move of the Holy Spirit.

Maybe you are doing something and seeing people being blessed, healed, and restored. And then you go away thinking: "What a blessing! God has used me". But the fact that God has used you (in case a vessel, channel for the Holy Spirit), does not mean that all is well within your heart! Unfortunately this is the truth and not knows a clearer way of saying it. Be used not be approved. You might think: "But God does not use a pot that is not holy!" God used Pharaoh! He said the use to raise his name and show His Glory!

God used Nebuchadnezzar! God used Balaam of the famous mule! So yes God USES! You also must have heard stories where people unbelievers, unfair, are 'used' by God to even talk to 'Christians' who unfortunately have not given ear to God. USA unbelievers God! God who He wants to USA!

The text of Matthew is the unquestionable fact that those people have been used by God. They worked many miracles. They cured. And it was not the same name. It was in the Mighty Name of Jesus. And those who were healed, receiving miracles, release of evil spirits by the power of God was richly blessed. And perhaps left thinking: 'Wow! Guy is a blessing! God used in my life that I was released, cured, etc '. Again, be used by God does not mean that your heart is right before the Holy Spirit, who sees everything and everything probe.

When God USES and people are blessed, it is never because of you, because you 'prayed enough,' 'fasted enough', etc ... Where is for two reasons: first because He is faithful to His Word, and second, by mercy of the people to whom you minister, he honor those who are there to get thirsty for God! We pastors, ministers, etc, which are tremendously used by God and finding out the most anointed! God has hammered this word in my mind: I mean BE USED NOT BE APPROVED.

I believe that when we adopted, we are consequently used by God, we are leading a straight life before the eyes of the Lord. But the opposite is not always true. Be used not to say that we approved. Paulo in his letter to Timothy, let a board extremely wise and useful to our lives today. He did not say that Timothy was present to God as someone used.

He said: "Look you submit to God APPROVED as laborer who does not have to be ashamed ..." (II Tm. 2:15).

Therefore conclude by saying that I would not only be used for blessing the lives of others, using the precious Name of Jesus to perform miracles, and the last day to hear: "Get away from me". This is not the phrase you want to hear from God. And I know that my attitudes outside 'spotlights and lights', when nobody sees me, that will determine the response we received from God. I want to hear: "Well you are good and faithful servant. You were faithful over a little, you put on too, enter the joy of thy lord "(Mt 25:23).

And to be adopted, we must follow in the footsteps of Jesus, go to our cross every day and load it, living in a manner worthy of the name you carry. "If someone wants to come after me, deny it to yourself and take up his cross daily and follow me "(Lc. 9:23).

May the Lord bless and print these words in your heart thirsty!

Créditos pela tradução do texto: Marcos André Samuel.

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